About Us

The Holiday Shores Fire Protection District serves a 16 square mile fire district that includes the vast majority of Holiday Shores subdivision. Although the district’s borders do not follow streets exactly, the district is generally bordered by Indian Creek to the west, Caribbean Drive to the north, Miller Drive to the south and Old Prairie Town Road to the east.

Although much of the area is rural and still undeveloped, the district has some light commercial occupancy and a residential population of over 4,500.

The district is served by a volunteer staffing. The volunteers are paid a small incentive annually based on their call attendance, training, and level of qualification.

In addition to serving their immediate district, the Fire Department also provides aid to other Fire Departments that may request assistance.

HSFD Leadership Team

Steve Cooper
Fire Chief

Mark Brewer
Assistant Fire Chief


Tim Dyer

Darl Opel

Jim O’Brien

Duty. Honor. Community.